Renewable energy is no doubt the key to a sustainable future. It is a fantastic option not only to help reduce your carbon footprint, but you can also save quite a substantial amount of money every year on your electricity bills simply by switching to solar.

Solar Finance Packages Now Available

The great news is that Loans For U now offer competitive and affordable solar finance options in partnership with JD Lighting. JD lighting have created some of the highest quality and affordable home solar packages currently available on the market, to help you save thousands on your electricity bill every year.

Why Go Solar?

Excellent Return on Investment

The current solar rebates available make installing a solar package easily justifiable and affordable. In most cases, the payback period that it takes to recover your initial costs can be as little as 2-3 years just through your savings in electricity alone.

Reduce Your Electricity Bills for Good

With multiple packages designed to suit every size household, choosing the system that best suits your usage will allow you to significantly reduce your electricity bills.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Installing a solar system tailored to your specific usage will effectively help to reduce your household’s CO2 emissions, thereby reducing your carbon footprint.

Low Interest, Flexible Solar Finance Options

Installing a solar package in your home is a significant, long-term investment. No matter how large or small a system your household needs, we can arrange affordable solar finance to enable you to pay it off over time. Rather than paying monthly electricity bills to your utility provider, invest in your home solar package with flexible, affordable monthly solar loan repayments.

Get Started With Solar Today

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