Whether you’re working from home due to Covid or taking a well-earned holiday, it would put a dampener on your day if you were to come home a find out your car had been stolen, squashed by a tree or just won’t start. Here are some simple but effective things you can do to keep your car in top shape while you’re not driving it regularly.

Park it somewhere safe

Now you’d think this is a no brainer, but sometimes this can be harder than you think depending on where you live. Make sure your car isn’t parked under any gigantic trees which could fall over or drop a branch during a storm. If you have underground parking, consider whether it is prone to flooding during a storm or heavy rain. And finally, how rough are the surrounding areas? If possible, park it somewhere it is out of sight from prying eyes. If thieves think a car is abandoned, it may become a target and end up disappearing.

Keep it covered

Wind, rain, hail, and sun can all cause damage to your car’s paintwork along with bird and bat poop, dirt, and dust. Whether you park your car in a carport, garage or simply purchase a car cover, it is important to keep your car covered and out of the elements to preserve it’s paint.

Start it weekly

Starting your car often can ensure that your battery is kept charged and in good condition. It’s as easy as starting your car and allowing it to idle for a few minutes. This allows your alternator a chance to run and recharge it.

Keep the tank full

Keeping the fuel tank of your car full or as close to full as possible when you’re not using it can help to prevent condensation from forming and reducing fume accumulation. This can help to protect your engine and stop water from going through your fuel system.

Service regularly

Whether your car is still covered by manufacturers warranty or not, it is important to maintain regular service intervals for your vehicle. Whether a car is being driven daily or not, it is important to service your vehicle to ensure all mechanical components are in top shape, fluid levels are correct, and your warranty isn’t voided.

Check tyre pressure

It is important to check your tyre pressure regularly whether you’re driving your car every day or not. Checking your tyre pressure is not only an important step to ensure the safety of yourself and your family when on the roads, but also so you don’t come out one morning running late to work only to find that your tyre pressure has slowly deflated over time and is now frustratingly sitting on your rim.

Maintaining good tyre pressure will also help with the longevity of your tyres and ensure you get the best possible life and wear out of them.

Most vehicles will have a tyre placard inside the door jam, in the glove box or alternatively in your engine bay. Your tyre placard will tell you what tyre pressures you are best off using for your specific vehicle.

Take it for a drive

It’s all well and good to just start your car once a week, but it’s also important to take it for a drive every now and then. Mechanical parts may perish if they’re not used and lubricated through movement every so often. Make sure to do a quick lap of the block every few weeks.

Need more handy tips?

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