Climate change is a huge and highly contentious issue we are currently facing, which has been receiving growing attention within the past few years. With all the hype and the different types of solar options around, it can be hard to sort through all the information to determine if solar is right for you and your home. So if you’ve been sitting on the fence about solar or simply don’t know which way to go, read this article for 4 reasons why you should consider investing in solar.

1. Save big on your electricity bills

Australians pay some of the highest rates for electricity in the world. That alone is a good reason to consider an alternative energy source to help power your family home. Solar provides an excellent return on investment with payback periods (time to recoup your initial cost) from as little as 2-3 years depending on the size and cost of the system you choose.

A study conducted by Canstar Blue found that the average annual electricity bill for a house of five is $2,264. Considering that solar packages start from around $3,999 (before Government rebates), you can definitely see how investing in a solar package from a reputable solar company could provide a cost-effective solution to help save you money by reducing your electricity bills.

2. Reduce your carbon footprint

Switching to solar can not only reduce your electricity bills, but also lower the impact that you and your family have on the environment.

As an example, a study published by Nature Energy estimated that solar power produces emissions at or even below 21 g CO2 eq / kWh. As a comparison, many coal power plants that provide power to our electricity grids, produce over 1,000 g CO2 eq / kWh. This means that using solar power in your family home could also significantly reduce your CO2 emissions.

Solar is one of the most widely accessible renewable energy sources in Australia. By switching to solar, you can help play an important part in reducing our CO2 emissions.

3. Take advantage of Government incentives and rebates

The Government currently offers a number of rebates and incentives for people who want to reduce their energy bills by implementing energy-efficient systems. These incentives differ depending on which state you’re in, so to find out which rebates and incentives may be available to you, you can simply use the rebates search on

4. Easy and affordable Solar Packages

Getting solar energy for your home can be a significant long term investment, but that doesn’t mean it should empty your wallet. Loans For U have partnered with JD Lighting Australia to offer our valued clients solar packages specifically tailored to your individual household needs. We are also able to offer custom finance options for solar packages with affordable weekly repayments.

This means you can get your solar system installed now and pay it off over time. Instead of paying your electricity bills, invest in a solar system with affordable solar finance options.

For more information, visit JD Lighting Australia to find out more about getting started with solar, or contact our friendly team today on 1800 538 287.