Here in Australia, all new vehicles come with a new car warranty. The duration of cover may differ; however all new vehicles will have one.

Some brands have longer warranties duration than others or unlimited kilometres, but usually they last 3 – 7 years or for the first 100,000km – whichever comes first.

New car warranty generally covers vehicle defects as well as certain mechanical and electrical repairs required within the cover period.

However, once a new vehicle is outside the new car warranty period, any defects or vehicle repairs needed are at the expense of the owner.

What is an Extended Vehicle Warranty?

An Extended Vehicle Warranty gives you a similar level of protection, and kicks in once the manufacturers new car warranty period ends.

What does an Extended Vehicle Warranty cover?

An Extended Vehicle Warranty provides coverage for the cost of repairing electrical or mechanical faults up to the maximum policy benefits and can cover the following:

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Steering
  • Air conditioning/heating components
  • Engine cooling system
  • Fuel system
  • Electrical and engine management systems
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Suspension components
  • Engine mounts
  • Door and window components

How much is an Extended Vehicle Warranty?

The cost of an Extended Vehicle Warranty differs for each vehicle make and model. To find out the exact cost for your specific vehicle, simply speak to one of our Specialist Finance Consultants here at Loans For U on 1800 538 287.

When could an Extended Vehicle Warranty be beneficial?

Extended Vehicle Warranty coverage would be beneficial for any vehicle currently outside of the manufacturer’s new car warranty. You can also purchase an Extended Vehicle Warranty to provide coverage which kicks in once the factory new car warranty expires.

An Extended Vehicle Warranty can potentially save you from having to fork out thousands of dollars on vehicle repair bills. It can also deliver peace of mind knowing that all your major vehicle mechanical components are covered, giving you many happy years of stress-free motoring.

Who can I service my vehicle with under my Extended Vehicle Warranty plan?

An Extended Vehicle Warranty purchased through Loans For U allows you to service your vehicle with any qualified mechanic.

However, it is important to check your warranty conditions if purchased through different providers, especially dealerships who offer Extended Vehicle Warranty, as they may have conditions on who you are required to service your vehicle through for your warranty to remain valid.

How do I purchase an Extended Vehicle Warranty?

If you are looking to purchase an Extended Vehicle Warranty or want more information about them, speak to the team at Loans For U on 1800 538 287.

An Extended Vehicle Warranty can usually be added to your finance package, so you get peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is protected and you don’t have to pay for your Extended Vehicle Warranty upfront, it’s simply combined into your affordable monthly finance repayments.